Floods in Sindh

SUNDAY Feburary 15, 2009
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Friday, September 03, 2010

A Flood Victim in Sukkur Sindh

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SANA KIDS.. Mour tho Tille

This enactment of sindhi tradition in our culture was directed by Dr. Asha Kodwani.
Gulshan Kodwani
Jawad Shaikh
Noor Ahmed Lakho
Sara Qalbani
Ahmad Qalbani
Poornima Kodwani
Mahreen Lakho
Cameran Vakassi
Krishna Kumar
Moomal Shaikh
Ranjana Kodwani

Gipsy Palace.. Sindhi

.... "The Gipsy Palace" at Maison Folie Moulin, part of festival Bombaysers de Lille. Where we presented a residence of 20 days to showcase and experiment all potentials from a strong 15 members group from The Sayari Circus from Udaipur. Dancers, musicians and performers who not only performed, but gave workshops of dance, music, tribal fashion and pictural arts. On the performance side, Philippe Tapp, a director of Sayari Entertainment, decided that a show would never be twice the same, and the experience from the first till the last day at the Gipsy Palace would be a continuous journey of complete improvisation and experimenting every day with a different show concept, content and set up. A true experience for both audiences, artists and technical team at Moulin !

SANA Kids Sindhi Poetry Recitation at SANA Convention 2009