Floods in Sindh

SUNDAY Feburary 15, 2009
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Floods in Sindh

Please come forward and donate whatever you can. Millions are suffering, they have no food, and shelter. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends, family members, and post it to your facebook page. Thank you


As you know that the current flood devastations in Sindh, Pakistan is worst than last year's flood, there are millions of people with no food, medicine and shelter. Kids are dying of hunger. We can not help all of them but with your help we can help about one thousand families for about two weeks and hopefully the water will recede soon and the poor people living out in the open on the portions of the roads can go back to their villages and re-build their lives and homes.

For about $20 US dollars we can provide dry rations for an average family of 6 for about two weeks. So here is what I am proposing: A good friend of mine and I have put aside $10,000 matching funds forSaharo's flood relief program. We will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000, so for an example if a person gives Saharo $100, I will write a check to Saharo for $100, for $500 donation I will write a check for $500, for $1,000 donation I will write a check to Saharo for $1,000. You got it!! My total contribution will be $10,000, and Saharo will get a total of $20,000.00.

We can make this happen in one day or in one week, my money is ready. Lets double it and make it $20,000.00 and feed 1,000 families or about 6,000 people for two weeks. Just look around you and appreciate what you got and think for a second about the helpless but not hopeless humble and poor people of Sindh and Pakistan. We can not help the world, but we can help where we can and we should help where we must and this one is must.

Please forward this to friends, family, co-workers and ask them to forward this e-mail to others. Donations can be made on Saharo's website or by cash or Check. www.saharo.org OR www.saharofoundation.blogspot.com



Fazal Sirhandi

Friday, September 03, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sindhi community civilized and cultured nation in the sub-continent in the era of anarchy and chaos.

Written by Mukhtiar kapri

Sindhi community civilized and cultured nation in the sub-continent in the era of anarchy and chaos.

It is a historical fact that people of Indus valley were civilized nation in the period of stateless society. The study of the pre-primitive societies of the world tells us that people were living in the big caves of mountain like animals. On the contrary, people of Indus valley had began to build cities in the banks of Indus River. The old destroyed city of Moen-jo-Daro is considered one of the earliest and most developed of urban civilization. This civilization was also pioneer of education, because written scripts are found on the idols of different animals. People were living in prosperity, peace and harmony which were only religion of ancient sindh. They were unaware from the words of war and hatred.

In this way, glories of sindh spread rapidly in the map of the world. Then every uncivilized nation started to keep eye to attack on the soil of Sindh. Sindhi people were attacked so many times. However, they did not react but surrendered themselves before warriors. When warrior nations observed ethics of Indus valley. They inspired and tried to imitate behavior of Sindhi. With the passage of time, they began to call themselves Sindhi. When they drunk water of Indus river, which made them cool and calm. They started to live in peace and left all those warrior activities.

When one opens the pages of history, he/she will find about thousand wars in the world. These wars killed millions of the innocent people. In fact, there were different perspectives in fighting wars such as war on religion, war on ideology and war on economic resources. In fact, similar wars are still ongoing in the different parts of the world. The war on terror is a big example; fools of fool can say that this is a religious war. It means that war between Islamic extremists, western Christianity as well as Jews. This war killed million innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now suicide bomb attacks have become fortune of these countries. These extremists’ activities are deteriorating development of these countries.

Now here questions may be arising in the readers’ mind that no any society could be saved from the extremist’s activities in these countries. In this context, again Indus nation has kept away themselves from the religious extremism. They proved again themselves as civilized and cultured nation. Hindu Sindhi and Muslim Sindhi are offering their prayers in place where manders and mosques are located in the same single boundary such as Udero- Lal sain. Udero- Lal sain is a saint; his tomb is situated near Hyderabad Sindh. His tomb is respectable for Muslims and Hindu. We have not heard since years that any person tried to attack on the shrines of Hindu saints in Indus valley. It is also interesting to note that era in which all areas of country are being controlled under extremist activities, but Indus valley is enjoying anti of extremist activities. Sindhi people believe that a teaching of all religions is similar. Every human being is created by God. Then why people are killing to each other in the name of religion.

They also believe in these verses of great poet Shah Abdul latif Bhittai. “May I seek and seek but may not find the beloved for the urge with my soul.” It means that God will not be found in massacre of innocent people and offering prayers. But go to the desolate areas where seek God. But intention should not be to meet Him, only seek and seek. In short, there is no any particular place of God neither mosque nor Mander, and Temple. There is no any question that this approach can be considered to civilized nations. Sindhi people are denouncing extremism. In this way, Sindh needs to be considered before the world superpower countries in order to come and develop the rural areas of Sindh.

The rivers of peace and tolerance are flowing in the soil of Sindh. There is no any threat of security. In spite of this, its people are remaining in poverty. Bread and butter is a big problem for them. There are also lack education, health and sanitation facilities. Children are wandering aimless in the streets of cities and villages. The parents have lack of resources to provide education to their children. The maternity deaths are increasing at high level due to lack of hospitals.

The natural resources of Indus valley are being exploited by external people who are not willing to recruit indigenous people. There is also lack of job opportunities for the youth. The migrated people are being preferred in jobs instead of sons and daughter of Sindh. Therefore, they are compelled to commit suicides. On the other hand, parents are selling their children in order to drive cycle of life.

It is also universally acknowledged truth that when human beings become a victim of appetite. Then he/she turns into beast and begin to kill each other. However, people of Indus valley are showing their tolerance. But there are some factors which are destroying the big city Karachi, capital of Indus valley. There is no doubt that target killings are common nowadays. It is interesting point to note that no any indigenous person involving in target killings.

It is also fact that Sindhi community is living in India where they have contributed a lot in the development of India. In every sector, they are working on the high positions. The are regarded as an honest nation of India. The matter of the fact is that wherever Sindhi lives and believing to serve human beings is a real religion of mankind. In this way, in era of anarchy and chaos, people of Indus valley are praying for the entire world. ”Oh! my Lord keep prosperous to land of Indus along with entire world.” (Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai)

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SANA KIDS.. Mour tho Tille

This enactment of sindhi tradition in our culture was directed by Dr. Asha Kodwani.
Gulshan Kodwani
Jawad Shaikh
Noor Ahmed Lakho
Sara Qalbani
Ahmad Qalbani
Poornima Kodwani
Mahreen Lakho
Cameran Vakassi
Krishna Kumar
Moomal Shaikh
Ranjana Kodwani

Gipsy Palace.. Sindhi

.... "The Gipsy Palace" at Maison Folie Moulin, part of festival Bombaysers de Lille. Where we presented a residence of 20 days to showcase and experiment all potentials from a strong 15 members group from The Sayari Circus from Udaipur. Dancers, musicians and performers who not only performed, but gave workshops of dance, music, tribal fashion and pictural arts. On the performance side, Philippe Tapp, a director of Sayari Entertainment, decided that a show would never be twice the same, and the experience from the first till the last day at the Gipsy Palace would be a continuous journey of complete improvisation and experimenting every day with a different show concept, content and set up. A true experience for both audiences, artists and technical team at Moulin !

SANA Kids Sindhi Poetry Recitation at SANA Convention 2009